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Barre Instructor Continuing Education & Workshops

Barre 2.0 offers a range of continuing education programs for certified instructors. These courses are open to certified barre instructors from any training background (not just Barre 2.0).

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A selection of the courses below are offered at live workshops each year:

Barre 2.0 Ante-Natal - Learn how to incorporate modifications for pregnant clients into your barre classes and how to set up, market & run specialized ante-natal barre classes.

Barre 2.0 Post-Natal – Discover how to safely help clients return to barre class after baby and learn specific repertoire and marketing strategies to successfully run Barre Babies classes (a Barre 2.0 class format designed for mums and their bubs).

Barre 2.0 Sliding Discs – Learn fresh and exciting repertoire ideas to incorporate this fun prop into your barre classes. Sliding discs are a cost-effective and creative way to add extra variety and challenge to your barre classes.

Barre 2.0 Pilates Stick – Teach a complete Barre 2.0 class utilizing the versatile Pilates Stick for an extra stability challenge and upper body workout.

Barre 2.0 Advanced Repertoire Workshops (Various) - a selection of workshops to provide fresh new repertoire for use in your classes.

Barre 2.0 Master Teacher Training - become a certified Master Teacher with our Barre 2.0 Master Teacher Training Course. Launching in 2019.


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