Barre 2.0 Teacher Training FAQ

Barre Instructor Training FAQ

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What makes Barre 2.0 different? 

Barre 2.0 was developed by Elizabeth Wilson, an ex-dancer and internationally recognised teacher trainer for Pilates & barre with over 25 years experience. She drew upon years of training in dance, pilates, functional anatomy & biomechanics to create a workout that is the perfect blend of art and science. 

Barre 2.0 provides an intense, flowing barre workout that will keep your students coming back for more.

Barre 2.0 lessons go beyond the experience of a standard barre class. There's a higher level of training for instructors and an increased focus on precision, technique and flow. The results speak for themselves. 

Our teacher training program is designed to produce exceptional graduates who are genuinely ready to teach once certified, at an affordable price. 

Most barre teacher training courses provide a weekend workshop then leave you on your own to figure out how to teach in preparation for a final assessment. Many students end up not becoming certified as a result.

In Barre 2.0, we support you every step of the way. Our course costs no more than others (often less), but our workshop training is combined with a teaching apprenticeship (barre class attendance, observation & practice teaching) to make sure you're genuinely ready to teach by the time you graduate. 

As a result, Barre 2.0 graduates are highly sought after by both barre studios and barre class participants. 


Are there any prerequisites to attend instructor training?

If you're not already a Pilates, fitness or yoga instructor, our 2 Day Barre 2.0 Preparatory Course is for you. Attend this weekend before Barre 2.0 Teacher Training and we’ll bring you up to speed on the anatomy, biomechanics, safety & group teaching skills you need to prior to becoming a successful barre instructor. There are no prerequisites necessary to attend this course.

To attend our 3 Day Barre 2.0 Teacher Training you need to have completed the Barre 2.0 Preparatory Course or be a certified fitness professional (Pilates, dance, yoga or fitness instructor).

You’ll also need to participate in at least 10 barre classes prior to commencing training. You can attend these lessons with a barre instructor from any training background so long as they’re fully certified (they don’t have to be Barre 2.0 trained). 


How is the course structured?


Students without prior fitness industry qualifications begin by attending our 2 Day Barre 2.0 Preparatory Course (see course prerequisites above). 

All teacher training students then attend our 3 Day Barre 2.0 Teacher Training. 

Barre 2.0 Teacher Training guides you through the Barre 2.0 class format & repertoire plus lesson design & programming. Exercises are demonstrated, discussed & practiced. We have a strong focus on helping you develop the practical skills you need to be a successful Barre instructor. In addition, you'll learn exclusive Beyond the Barre repertoire designed to allow you to teach barre-style classes even in venues without barres. 


After these workshops, you continue your journey towards certification with Barre 2.0 classes (10 hours), class observation (10 hours) & practice teaching (10 hours) at our studio, online or through another approved facility. You'll also have access to our online instructor’s community PLUS our Online Teacher Training Portal to help refine your skills.

Final Exams: 

Successful completion of your final exams leads to you becoming a Barre 2.0 Certified Barre Instructor AND a Barre 2.0 Certified Beyond the Barre Instructor.


How much is the training and what's included? 

Our 2 Day Barre 2.0 Preparatory Course (required for students without prior fitness qualifications) is $440 AUD and our 3 Day Barre 2.0 Teacher Training Course costs $690 AUD.

Your course fees are all-inclusive. They cover your training course, all required training manuals/textbooks, access to our online Teacher Training Portal and more. Even your final exam fees are included. 

When comparing barre teacher training programs be sure to look for hidden costs when comparing course fees. For example, do you pay extra to sit your exams? Perhaps the course price you're quoted in USD instead of your local currency.  A price that looks good initially may not be so appealing when you factor in these considerations.

Note that many certification programs also have ongoing costs associated with maintaining currency of your qualification after graduation. Barre 2.0 does not. 


Are than any hidden fees apart from the course cost (e.g. licensing fees)?

No licensing fees, no required monthly fees, no re-certification fees. The fee you pay at the time of registration covers your training course, all required training manuals/textbooks and access to our online Teacher Training Portal. Even your final exam fees are included.

If you need to resit your practical exam there will be a $100 fee charged to cover the cost of the time spent observing & marking your second exam. 

As part of your course hours you will be required to participate in, observe & practice teach barre classes. Observation & practice teaching can be done free of charge at Barre 2.0's head office (The Perth Pilates Studio in Western Australia) or online. Class participation requirements can be met for free through our online portal or you may choose to pay to attend face to face classes at The Perth Pilates Studio or any other studio of your choice. 

There are no other hidden course costs whatsoever.


When is your next course running and how do I sign up?

Go to our course schedule to find upcoming course dates and locations. Click on the course you wish to attend and follow the prompts to register!


What qualifications do I receive when I graduate?

Successful completion of your final exams leads to you becoming a Barre 2.0 Certified Barre Instructor AND a Barre 2.0 Certified Beyond the Barre Instructor.

Beyond the Barre Instructors are trained to teach barre-style classes even in venues without barres. Beyond the Barre training is incorporated into your Barre 2.0 Teacher Training to give you maximum employability once you graduate (you can teach in any venue regardless of whether they have barres or not). 


How long after the training do I have to complete my certification exams?

You have 12 months from your scheduled training date to take your final certification exams. If more than 12 months have passed you may be required to participate in a Barre 2.0 specific review workshop at your expense.


How are the certification exams structured? 

Barre 2.0 Certification Exams can be completed face-to-face at The Perth Pilates Studio or submitted online. 

The theory examination consists of a 1-hour, 50 question multiple-choice paper covering material taught in your course.  

In the practical examination you’ll be assessed on your ability to teach Barre 2.0 to a group of real-life students.  

If you receive less than an 80% mark on either the theory or practical exam, you’ll be required to retake that exam. A fee to cover the examiner’s marking time is charged if you need to resit the practical examination. The current resit fees is $100. 


Is there ongoing support and education provided after the training?

Barre 2.0 is committed to supporting you throughout your training and ever after. All trainees receive 12 months of FREE access to the Barre 2.0 Online Teacher Training Portal. Videos contained in this portal include:  

* all lectures taught in the Barre 2.0 Preparatory Course

* a complete video library of Barre 2.0 course repertoire

* videos of all Beyond the Barre variations taught in the course

* videos of all required pregnancy modifications for Barre 2.0 repertoire

* LIVE teaching demonstrations of sample classes taught in your course

* PLUS 3 additional sample classes utilizing the Barre 2.0 course repertoire

After you graduate you have the option of enrolling for Barre 2.0 Instructor Membership to receive a host of additional benefits, including video access to regular new 55-minute Barre 2.0 classes. Each class comes with a downloadable choreography outline and recommended playlist.

We also regularly run live and online continuing education workshops on various topics. 


Are there requirements to maintain my certified status?

No. We trust that as fitness professionals you are either part of another organization that has continuing education requirements, that you personally believe in the importance of continuing education enough to participate in opportunities, or that you work for a facility that has their own continuing education requirements. Because of this, Barre 2.0 does not have our own set of requirements or fees for maintaining your certified status.


Where can I teach Barre 2.0 classes?

Anywhere! Your training will even prepare you to to teach barre-style classes in venues without barres.  We do not place any restrictions on where you teach. 


I signed up for a training but I can no longer make it. Do I get a refund?

We'll provide a full refund so long as we are notified of your cancellation by email to [email protected] at least two weeks prior to course commencement.

For cancellations within 2 weeks of the scheduled course, there will be no refunds except where required by Australian consumer law. You may however attend another training of lesser or equal value taking place in the next 12 months.


What are the requirements to bring the Barre 2.0 training to my home facility?

All our requirements are listed on our Host Site page. If you are interested in hosting or have additional questions about hosting please email us at [email protected] 


How long will it take me to become a barre instructor?

This depends on your prior experience and time available to practice. On average we suggest giving yourself 3-4 months from the instructor training date to when you take your exam. Some trainees need only 1 month while others require 4-6.


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