Barre 2.0 Instructor Certification


Why Barre 2.0?

Dancers don't create their bodies in ordinary gyms.

Barre 2.0 is an intense, flowing barre workout that blends Pilates, dance and ballet floor barre with an in-depth understanding of movement science & biomechanics. 

Barre 2.0 lessons go beyond the experience of a standard barre class. There's a higher level of training for instructors and an increased focus on precision, technique and flow. The results speak for themselves. 

If you want a long, lean physique housed in a body that really knows how to move well....Barre 2.0 is for you! And if you want the best possible start to a long-term & inspiring career  as a skilled movement instructor, enroll in Barre 2.0 Teacher Training. We'll provide you with the skills and support you need to teach high quality barre classes wherever you go.

Already barre certified? Check out our manuals, continuing education workshops, and online classes to keep your lessons fresh and exciting. 

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